Bracelet size. How to measure for bracelet size.

How to measure for a bracelet

Most people feel most comfortable with a bracelet 7 inches to 7-1/4 inches long (described as our "standard size") This size hangs over the upper part of the hand, which is usually the most attractive position.
If you are not sure what size bracelet you wear, check for size by using a small piece of heavy cord 1/8 inch in diameter. (A string or a piece of paper will give an incorrect size). Cut it to fit end to end. If you are buying a large (thick) bracelet, use a heavier cord about the size of clothes line.
Wrap a piece of tape around each end to prevent fraying. Then butt the ends together on your wrist, tape the ends together, and see how it feels. Then measure the cord and order the closest available size. If your bracelet doesn't fit properly, return it and we'll remove or add links and bill or credit you accordingly.

Whitfield Jack
Key West, Florida


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