Sea life jewelry and nautical jewelry. Hhundreds of original designs in themes of the sea, the islands, and the tropics

Key West
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designer Whitfield Jack

For over 40 years Whitfield Jack has been designing jewelry in Key West, creating unique works in gold that reflect his love of the islands, the tropics, and the sea. And for 25 years, he had the good fortune to have as his assistant designer, jeweler, director of his workshop, and dear friend, a native Key Wester, the late Flo Capas -- a lady who embodied the true spirit of the Island and who was an integral part of the creative process that has made this business unique.

When you shop with us at JewelryGenius.Com, you will see hundreds of original designs handcrafted in exquisite detail -- all made in Key West and hallmarked and copyrighted by the designer. Pieces are available in 14K, 18K, and 22K gold, and many of the designs are also available in Sterling Silver.

The ultimate souvenir of Key West is one of Whitfield Jack's gold Key West Conch Pendants, a unique conch design created by Mr. Jack as a tribute to the island. "Those who wear the conch, they say, will return to Key West again someday!"

We hope you enjoy visiting with us.

Whitfield Jack

Whitfield Jack
.. Jewelry Genius tm
Member Key West
Chamber of Commerce
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We do not operate a retail store. Sales are only through the internet.
Everything is custom-made to order. We carry no stock.
However, all of our Key West designs are handcrafted at our private studio.

Toll free -- 800-845-2243
Please mail packages, repairs, returns,
and postal mail to our studio PO address below

Whitfield Jack, Inc.
PO Box 546
Brevard NC 28712

*** Ship only by United States Post Office insured mail ***
Post Office will not accept Fed Ex or UPS
or UPS
Please send us your tracking number by e-mail so we'll know
when to go to the Post Office
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In memory of my loving, wonderful friend, Flo Capas

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Not responsible for errors in our on-line catalog. Prices may change without notice. We will ship to P.O. boxes only at our discretion. Telephone and address verification on credit card orders may be required. No liability is assumed for any of our products. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to individuals who we consider detrimental to our business.

Immediate legal action is taken against violators of our copyrights.




NOTE: Customers who buy from us
automatically agree to honor our terms.

A. RETURN AND EXCHANGE POLICY: All of our jewelry is custom-made to order. We keep no stock. While we do accept returns and exchanges, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 20% of the price of the returned or exchanged item to cover our expenses. Otherwise we end up with unneeded pieces of jewelry that have to be disassembled, melted, re-cast, and refinished for another order, thus costing us labor, overhead, and the cost of specially purchased materials for the original order. Certain pieces may be exempt. Please inquire.

1. If the jewelry is defective, you may return it for repair within 30 days and we will pay United States Postal Service postage both ways. United States Post Office regular mail insured only. Expedited postage beyond this amount is not refundable. We guarantee the quality and karat of our precious metals and the genuineness of our gemstones and pearls to be as described on our web site. If found to be otherwise, the piece may be returned for full refund. Please contact us for a return authorization.

2. If a ring is mistakenly ordered in the wrong size and doesn't fit, in most cases it may be returned for sizing, in which case the customer is responsible for postage both ways and re-sizing costs, which in most cases is minimal. NOTE: Some rings cannot be re-sized and would have to be completely re-made and thus cannot be returned or exchanged except under the 20% return fee terms. (See A. above) PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE SIZE YOU ORDER IS CORRECT. ESPECIALLY FOR WIDE RINGS. IT IS BEST TO GO TO A JEWELER AND HAVE THE SIZE NEEDED CHECKED WITH A SET OF WIDE-BAND RING SIZERS. THE TYPICAL THIN RING-SIZER SETS WILL GIVE A FALSE MEASUREMENT.

3. If the jewelry is returned for any other reason, (SEE BELOW) we reserve the right to charge the return or exchange fee of 20% of the price of the jewelry delivered.

Examples of reasons not qualified for return except under 20% return fee terms:

...A. Customer changed mind
...B. Wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, etc. didn't like it.
...C. Ordered wrong size and ring cannot be re-sized.
...D. Broke up with recipient, remarried and can't stand old spouse.
...E. Gave wife or husband or somebody else same thing before.
...F. Similar situations.

Note: On overseas orders, the same 20% return fee. applies. We do not refund customs, taxes, or postage -- only the purchase price.

B. REPAIRS: If you ever damage your jewelry, please send it to us for repair. We know how to fix it correctly, and we will charge only a nominal repair fee plus postage. Please do not take our jewelry to outside parties for repair. We will no longer be responsible for the item and will not accept the piece for correction. Also, you run the risk of having your jewelry copied.

Over a period of years, all jewelry will suffer normal wear and tear, especially bracelets when worn on the same arm as other bracelets or while operating typewriters or computers. We offer a recasting service for worn bracelets at 1/2 the current price. Again, send it to us for repair. Remember: insure it.

C. DISCOUNTS: In fairness to all of our customers -- be they rich, poor, friends or relatives -- we do not offer individual discounts. Our policy is to make the prices of our unique original designs as fair as possible so that we can survive as a business, and we stick to those prices. This has been our strict policy for over forty years. Everybody pays the same. Nobody is going to get a better price than you.

D. DIAMONDS: We guarantee our diamonds to be genuine natural material of fine quality. They are full cut (53 facets), clarity grade SI1 or better, color range G-H-I or better.

Diamond weights are stated in this catalog in hundredths of a carat, also known as "points". One carat is equal to 100 points. A 3-point diamond would be described as (.03) and would weigh 3/100 of a carat. When there are several diamonds in a piece, the weight is expressed as total weight (TW). Example: (.06TW) means six points total weight (6/100 carat).

E. COLORED STONES: We guarantee that all of our precious and semiprecious stones are genuine material, not synthetic, and are stones of fine quality. The color of our black South Seas cultured pearls is completely natural, not dyed or treated in any way.

The final permanent color of virtually 100% of all genuine gemstones on the market today is the result of standard and accepted industry treatment practices which give the customer stones that have purer color, more durability, less visible imperfections and inclusions, and less likelihood of fading. The color is permanent unless the stone is heated with a torch, in which case the color of any stone could be affected. All blue topaz generally available is exposed to gamma rays to produce its beautiful, permanent blue color. There is no residual radiation whatsoever

Except in the case of large, expensive gemstones, these standard industry practices have minimal effect on value. For fine rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, the price may be only as much as 10% higher for completely untreated stones. A copy of the proposed Federal Trade Commission disclosure guidelines is available on request.

F. GOLD AND SILVER: We guarantee our 14K, 18K, 22K, and 24K gold to be full quality plumb gold. Our silver is full quality Sterling Silver.


A, RINGS: Methods such as using a string, or tape measure, or strip of paper are not accurate.

If you are buying a ring for somebody and want it to be a surprise and don't know the size, try this: Get one of the rings that they wear and slide it as far as it will go on any one of your fingers (it doesn't have to go all the way). Draw a line on your finger with a ball-point pen on the wrist side of the ring. Go to a jeweler and see which size of one of his ring-sizer rings fits up to the line in the same place. That's the size to order.

If you don't want to go to a jeweler, we have a set of plastic ring sizers available for $5.00 including postage. These are plastic rings in a graduated set with the ring sizes marked on them. They are very accurate. It will take about a week to get a set to you.

In judging if a size is right, here are some suggestions: It is normal for a ring to feel snug, even tight, going over the knuckle. It is how it feels once it is on that counts. Is there any sensation of pressure? Do you feel aware of it? If so, the size you should order should probably should be a quarter or half-size larger. Remember: in warm weather fingers tend to swell a bit. The opposite in cold weather. And if your hands are wet, a ring can slip off. Try wetting your hands and see if the ring-sizer ring slips off too easily.

G. BRACELETS: Most people feel most comfortable with a bracelet 7 inches to 7-1/4 inches long (described as our "standard size") This size hangs over the upper part of the hand and is usually the most attractive.

If you are not sure what size bracelet you wear, check for size by using a small piece of heavy cord 1/8 inch in diameter. (A string or a piece of paper will give an incorrect size). Cut it to fit end to end.

Tape the ends together on your wrist to see how it feels. Then measure it and order the closest available size. If your bracelet doesn't fit properly, return it and we'll remove or add links and bill or credit you accordingly.


a. Prices on this web site are subject to change without notice.

b. We reserve the right to correct any pricing or pricing errors.

c. Colors are for illustration. Actual colors may vary.

d. We give no discounts. Everybody pays the same price.

e. Copyright violations are strictly enforced.

f. We reserve the right to refuse to do business with any persons or organizations that we deem detrimental to the financial security or to the ethical standards of our business.

g. We assume no liability other than those expressed herein.

We hope that you will visit Key West soon.


Whitfield Jack

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